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Find Inspiration in the Galapagos

Picasso once said that inspiration does exist but the only way it can find us is when we are working. Work, in this sense, can come in various forms: it can either be related to a profession, or simply the exercise of putting your emotions, senses, body and mind into motion. In the end, whatever awakens your creativity is worth it, and it’s only when you find that thing that wakes it up that inspiration will hit you. People have been found by inspiration in the most random of moments: during a leisurely stroll at the park, sitting under an apple tree, while reading a book, or simply while staring at a breathtaking landscape. The underlying essence of inspiration has one key ingredient upon which other things are added to make it even tastier, and this is: getting out of your comfort zone. So, if mental stimulation is what you are after, we have the answer: find inspiration in the Galapagos!

Turn Off the Automatic Pilot

Routine, no matter how safe, puts our minds and senses in neutral. It’s hard to be surprised or learn something new when our daily lives are marked by the same activities and events. So look up from your screen or look out the window during your commute and imagine the fresh breeze of the sea. Imagine the salty air on your face. Picture yourself walking along the beaches of paradise. Feel the equatorial sun on your skin while you discover one of the most exotic spots in the world. Picture yourself getting as close to wildlife as possible. Put your taste buds to the test with new, exciting flavours. Get lost in conversation with people from other cultures. Learn from nature and about nature. Immerse yourself in the origins of life. If anything, we guarantee one thing: inspiration will surely find you in the Galapagos Islands! So are you ready to get out of your comfort zone and jump into the most unbelievable Galapagos adventure?

Pinnacle Rock in Bartolome Island

Pinnacle Rock in Bartolome Island

Add Big Quantities of Wildlife and Landscapes

Nothing beats the feeling of having your dreams and imagination turn into reality. If you ever wanted to wake up on a bed that feels like clouds and be greeted by a volcanic landscape atop a turquoise sea, coming to the Galapagos was the right choice. In fact, waking up every morning to a different landscape, (each more stunning and exotic that the other) is an everyday occurrence in the Galapagos. Picture yourself sharing that landscape with the amazing local flora and fauna. There are very few places in the world where wildlife is so undisturbed by human presence as in the Galapagos. Not only did they evolve for thousands of years in a totally undisturbed environment, but they have also grown accustomed to our presence. Thanks to strict Galapagos regulations (that we respectfully follow because they are meant to preserve ours and the wellbeing of Galapagos animals), visitors get to share spaces with the wildlife, swim along the same beaches and sit on the same rocks. As long as you keep your distance and respect their space, you will be able to get lost in their behavior and stare at them, mesmerized for long periods of time, observing as they go on with their lives as if we weren’t there. So come to the Galapagos, immerse yourself in their world and let nature work its magic!

Humans and wildlife interact on a daily basis

Humans and wildlife interact on a daily basis

Open Your Mind and Find Inspiration in the Galapagos

While sailing on an amazing Galapagos Cruise you will have enough space aboard to be alone with your thoughts (travel tip: always consider the advantages of a multi-guided vessel versus a single-guided one to get this exact experience). Add to this a spacious deck from which to watch spectacular Galapagos sunsets and a nice cocktail in your hand and you’ll find that silence and disconnection have never been such a luxury as it has during these modern times of ours (especially when we are surrounded by noise, images, lights, publicity and bombarded by the news). Get away from that overstimulating environment and hustle and get back to what’s real! Rediscover the essence of life and its origins, while marvelling at a newly-born island. Or learn how the flightless cormorant adapted itself in order to survive in the harsh Galapagos conditions. Walk through the same beaches as Charles Darwin did all those years ago. Let yourself flow with the ocean currents and let your mind fly with the flashy frigates. And if meeting new people is something you know will enrich your life, exchange experiences with your ship mates.

Have fun with people of similar tastes or, alternatively, seclude yourself in the intimacy of a solo moment. Observe the colours of the islands, sense its smells, feel its textures and observe how life unravels before you. At this point, inspiration will come and push you to do what you hadn’t dared to do before, to feel what you hadn’t felt in a long time, to take a next step that you never knew you could take, and to go back to reality with a renewed spirit. Yes! That’s exactly how the Galapagos  Islands work. So, don’t give it a second thought! Take the plunge! Inspiration is waiting for you in the Galapagos.

Find inspiration in the Galapagos

Find inspiration in the Galapagos

Nathalie Moeller

Nathalie Moeller is of Ecuadorian and German descent. As a child she spent her summers in the Galapagos Islands, where her mother grew up, and from a very young age learned to love the beauty and uniqueness of the archipelago. She studied Journalism and Humanities in Barcelona, after living in Madrid and Germany for a couple of years. This gave her a culturally broader view of the world, which is reflected in everything she does. Blogging gives her the opportunity to combine her passion for travelling and writing.

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