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Itchy Feet? Here’s A Number of Things To Do in the Galapagos!

Galapagos will cater to a number of interests that visitors are looking to satisfy. Be it cultural, active, intellectual, inspirational, or simply relaxation; there is an array of things to do in the Galapagos that will scratch virtually any itch. Not to mention, the archipelago will delight and surprise you with the magical moments it offers around nearly every corner.

While the majority of visitors come mostly to get closer and examine all of the mesmerizing wildlife that wanders around, the islands still offer various ways to keep your senses and mind entertained.

Things To Do in the Galapagos: Partake in Outdoor Activities

With landscapes that are almost otherworldly and oceans teeming with aquatic life, the Galapagos offers an array of sights and things to experience first-hand. Jump in a kayak and glide through the water the way the rays do or put on your snorkelling gear and discover the treasures that linger under the waters of the Galapagos. Ever dream of getting within inches of a majestic sea turtle? A peaceful Galapagos white-tip reef shark? Or maybe even a playful Galapagos sea lion? Well, don’t move around too much, because they will come to you! That’s how curious  they are! If the sea is a little chilly and you want to stay in the water a little longer, put on a wetsuit and become one with the sea.

Snorkelling with Galapagos sea lions

Snorkelling with Galapagos sea lions

While on land, take part in one of our hiking expeditions – an activity that will reveal many of the islands’ secrets. You’ll also get a closer (literally) understanding of Darwin’s theories by witnessing how the Galapagos species adapted to the harsh environment. And if you’re looking to take it up a notch, why not hop on a bike and enjoy the archipelago on wheels? If you are in good shape and get along well with the tropical humidity, do take advantage of being active in one of the world’s most beautiful and natural sites.

Laid-back Exploration Activities

Even if you are in good shape, a relaxing way of enjoying the islands is always available and there are options for all those lovers of more easygoing types of activities, without taking out any of the charm from the islands. If you don’t wish to get in the water but still want to discover the underwater life throughout the islands, a glass-bottom boat is the perfect choice for you. Want to have a peaceful moment at one of the Galapagos white-sand beaches? Then go for a leisurely walk, breathe in the fresh ocean air breeze, and soak it all in. Want to stay aboard your amazing Galapagos cruise with a book, admiring the view from a soothing perspective? Then check out this list of recommended books that you can bring on your Galapagos trip.

One of the many things to do in the Galapagos: Enjoy a ride in our glass-bottom boat

One of the many things to do in the Galapagos: Enjoy a ride in our glass-bottom boat

Experience the Island Life

Interested in seeing what the people of Galapagos are like? Swing by any of the four towns in the archipelago, each of which offers a unique looking glass experience into the culture and lifestyle of the Galapagueños. Indulge your palette in the local fare or walk along the malecon (beach front) in each town to see what it’s like to live on the enchanted isles. WARNING: You might end up staying forever once you taste it.

Swing By the Visitor Sites

For the culturally interested, there are many ways to get acquainted with the islands’ history. You can start with the archipelagos contribution to the development of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Or maybe with its out-of-a-soap-opera social history involving a Baroness and a murder case in Floreana. There’s also the story of a despotic landlord over in San Cristobal. And finally, on a more melancholic note, is the former presence of a small inmate colony that was forced to build a rock wall with no purpose over in Isabela Island. You can learn about the islands social development in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno’s Centro de Interpretación (Interpretation Centre) or get a closer look at the meaning of evolution and the effects of mankind’s involvement in the archipelago at the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora. You can even visit the Wall of Tears in Isabela, to understand the harshness of the islands past.

Entrance to the Charles Darwin Research Station

Entrance to the Charles Darwin Research Station

Nathalie Moeller

Nathalie Moeller is of Ecuadorian and German descent. As a child she spent her summers in the Galapagos Islands, where her mother grew up, and from a very young age learned to love the beauty and uniqueness of the archipelago. She studied Journalism and Humanities in Barcelona, after living in Madrid and Germany for a couple of years. This gave her a culturally broader view of the world, which is reflected in everything she does. Blogging gives her the opportunity to combine her passion for travelling and writing.

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